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This page will showcase art or literature that features herons, egrets, associated wading birds, and much else in the same spirit. Artists are invited to contact us and help!


Paintings By Diane Stewart

Egret & Crab

Egret Family

Egret & Palms

Night Goddess

The Heron Dance

A Pause for Beauty


Flickr group:Cranes, Herons and Egrets
Flickr is a group for sharing images over the web. Recommended for any photographer.
Anna Palmer's Photos
Anna is a society member who designed the rookery interpretive signs. Her beautiful Flickr photos feature birds from our very own rookery. Note the amazing photos of chicks on nests, obtained without disturbing the nests in any way.


Symbolism of Egrets etc. in various cultures
How Ancient Greeks, American Indians, Chinese, and others feel about birds like ours
Some Poems by Mary Oliver
Egret Poems
Poems by Wendell Berry
The Heron, The Peace of Wild Things, The Vacation
Snowy Egret story from Roy Bedicheck
Great story about the need of gregarious creatures like us for our own kind (or at least, a reasonable approximation). Taken from a Texas classic, "Adventures with a Texas Naturalist"