Upcoming Meeting with UTSW Physical Plant VP

Please note that there will be a meeting about the rookery this Thursday (12 March) from noon to 1:00 p.m., at the UTSW Physical Plant Building 2nd-Floor Conference Room (Room P2.100).

This meeting has been organized so that parties interested in the welfare of the rookery (including The Heron and Egret Society and Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation) may meet with Kirby Vahle, the UT Southwestern VP for the Physical Plant.

Please make every effort to attend.

It will be important to use this opportunity productively and not waste an hour
listening to lectures, excuses, etc.

It might be helpful to think of the egrets as the part of us that flies and
approach the meeting with the following aims, i.e. to:

  1. Introduce ourselves and get recognized as a source of expertise about the
    egrets and rookery right here on the campus.
  2. Determine university policy about the rookery and what might be good or
    lacking about it.
  3. Make proposals on how to handle the recent damage and come to some agreement
    with the Physical Plant on the actions to be taken.

Please send suggestions. I will make certain to keep open all lines of communication
between us open right up to the meeting.

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